Posted by: cdpenne | April 21, 2010

The light at the end of the hall

The light at the end of the hall
The light at the end of the hall

I wanted to post this picture because it is one of my favorites and because it serves as a reminder of the motivation behind all the early work we did. After nearly 7 months living away from my wife and daughter, the pressure to find a house to buy, and then to get that house ready to move in to was immense. As the previous pictures show, we had a ton of work to do. If I were to simply put in a slide show of the all the before photos, or if I look at them now, I still think the task must have, should have, been insurmountable. But with the proper motivation, it is amazing what one can accomplish. In this picture, Zoe is happily jumping on the air mattress which was my bed for 2 months while we worked on the house. She can sense that we are close to having the trailer with all our stuff (and hers), which has been in storage for 3 months, delivered to our new house. She is also allowed to wander round the house more or less freely for the first time, since we are reasonably comfortable with our lead containment endeavours. The floors have just been finished and the smell of the Swedish has subsided. Despite the miserable weather which had persisted through the fall of 08, the sun made an appearance, lit the newly renovated master bedroom and showed us a glimpse of what the room could be with its South light. In short, this picture captured a moment which will forever bring a tear to my eye because it was that turning point, the ultimate hump day, where we forgot for a little bit the burden of what had to happen and caught a glimpse again of what could be; it was the gold at the end of the rainbow and the light at the end of the tunnel (in this case hall) which would fuel further efforts to this day. Yes, the room still has primer for paint ( at least it is bright white) but it has a king size bed which we all (two adults, a kid, a dog, and two cats) share. It also has some beautiful vertical grain fir cabinetry which serve as a replacement to the wing wall closets we removed. And it still has that beautiful Southern exposure which takes every little bit of sun our grey Seattle sky offers, draws it in, and turns the room into a sunny paradise reminding me to this day, of that day.


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